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Planned/Scheduled Maintenance Procedures

Historically, infrastructure maintenance has been on an as-needed “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” basis. Now that most Infrastructure services are highly available and the lab network/services/suite have stabilized, we're able to afford occasional downtime to perform system updates, hardware swaps, OS upgrades, etc.

This document (like all good documentation) will be ever-evolving.


The PnT Labs team has scheduled monthly maintenance on the second Friday of every month. Since this maintenance only has the potential to disrupt operations in the downstream/Octo lab, it could be a good candidate. Maintenance on Fridays allows for troubleshooting and rollbacks, if necessary, either late Friday evening or on Saturdays during a time when the lab is usually only running scheduled test suites.

Maintenance should not disrupt testing cycles when an upstream release is imminent.

Maintenance should be announced on the Status Portal and sepia-users mailing list at least a week prior and all stakeholders, yet TBD, should give a green light before proceeding.

Maintenance Matrix

Service Disrupts Community Disrupts Developers Backups Ansible 1) HA Failover Risk Stakeholders Applications SME Other Notes Yes No Yes Some OVH No Medium N/A Wordpress, nginx lvaz, Age of Peers Leo regularly updates Wordpress and its plugins Yes Yes Yes Most OVH No Medium All Nginx dgalloway Yes Yes Yes No OVH No High All Redmine dgalloway,dmick Redmine and its plugins are tricky. None of us are ruby experts. Yes No Yes Some OVH No Low All Nginx dgalloway No Yes Yes Yes OVH No Low Release team, Core devs? chacra, celery, postgres, nginx dgalloway,alfredo
chacra dev instances No Yes No Yes OVH Yes Low Devs chacra, celery, postgres, nginx dgalloway,alfredo
shaman No Yes No Yes OVH Yes Medium Devs shaman, ? dgalloway,alfredo
{apt-mirror,gitbuilder} No Yes No No No No High Devs Apache dgalloway,dmick Still on single baremetal mira
jenkins{2} Yes Yes Some Yes OVH No Medium Devs Jenkins, mita, celery, nginx dgalloway,alfredo Could Could No Yes OVH No Low Devs prado, nginx dgalloway,alfredo Yes? Yes No Yes RHEV No Medium Devs, others? git, git-daemon, apache dgalloway,dmick
teuthology VM No Yes Some Most RHEV No Low Devs Teuthology dgalloway,zack Relies on Paddles,, apt-mirror,, chacra,
pulpito.front No Not really No Yes No No Medium QE? pulpito zack Relies on paddles. Still on baremetal mira
paddles.front No Yes Yes Yes No No Medium Devs paddles dgalloway,zack Still on baremetal mira
Cobbler No No No Yes RHEV No Low dgalloway Cobbler, apache dgalloway Really only needed for creating FOG images
conserver.front No Yes? Some No RHEV No Low Devs conserver dgalloway
DHCP (store01) No Yes Yes Yes No No Medium Devs dhcpd dgalloway
DNS Could Yes N/A Yes RHEV/OVH ns1/ns2 Low Devs named dgalloway
FOG No Yes No Yes RHEV No Medium Devs fog dgalloway
LRC No Could No Some Yes Ish Medium Devs ceph dgalloway,sage Could Yes Yes Yes RHEV No Medium All openvpn, nginx dgalloway
RHEV No Could Yes No Yes Ish Medium All RHEV, gluster dgalloway
Gluster No Could No No Yes Ish Medium All Gluster dgalloway RHGS compatibility must remain aligned with RHEV version

Scheduled Maintenance Plans

CI Infrastructure Procedure

Updating the dev chacra nodes ({1..5} has little chance to affect upstream teuthology testing except while the chacra service is redeployed or a host is rebooted. Because of thise, it's relatively safe to perform CI maintenance separate from Sepia lab maintenance. To be extra safe, you could pause the Sepia queue and wait ~30min to make sure no package manager processes get run against a chacra node.

  1. Notify ceph-devel@
  2. Log into each Jenkins instance, Manage JenkinsPrepare for Shutdown
  3. Again in Jenkins, go to Manage JenkinsManage Plugins
  4. Select All at the bottom and click Download now and install after restart
  5. Wait for all jobs to finish and make sure plugins are downloaded
  6. Once all jobs are completed, ssh to each Jenkins instance
    1. Updating the jenkins package or rebooting will restart the service so:
    2. systemctl stop jenkins
    3. systemctl disable jenkins
    4. apt update
    5. apt install linux-image-generic (or equivalent to just update the kernel)
    6. Reboot the host so you're running the latest kernel
  7. Update Slaves
    1. ssh to each static smithi slave (smithi{119..128}
    2. ssh to each slave-{centos,ubuntu}-* slave, update packages, and shut down
    3. Put each irvingi node in Maintenance mode under the Hosts tab in the RHEV Web UI
    4. In the RHEV Web UI, highlight each irvingi host and click Update
    5. Bring slave-{centos,ubuntu}-* VMs back online after irvingis update
    6. Make sure all static slaves reconnect to Jenkins
  8. Update chacra, mita, shaman, prado
    1. If no service redeploy is needed for chacra, shaman, or mita, just ssh to each of those hosts and apt update && apt upgrade && reboot
    2. If a redeploy is needed, see each service's individual wiki page
  9. Once all the other CI hosts are up to date, update each Jenkins instance: apt upgrade
  10. This should restart Jenkins but if it doesn't, systemctl start jenkins
  11. systemctl enable jenkins
  12. Spot check a few jobs to make sure all plugins are working properly
    1. You can check this by commenting jenkins test make check in a PR
    2. Make sure the Github hooks are working (Was a job triggered? When the job finishes, does it update the status in the PR?)
    3. Make sure postbuild scripts are running when they're supposed to (Is the FAILURE script running when the build PASSED? That's a problem)

Public Facing Sites Procedure and

For the most part, these hosts' packages can be updated and hosts rebooted whenever. If you're feeling friendly, you could send a heads up to ceph-devel and/or ceph-users.

Post-update Tasks
  • Log in to and modify a bug
  • Spot check a few pages on
  • Log in to if you have a login to wordpress

As long as there isn't a job running, this host can be updated and rebooted whenever.

Post-update Tasks

Rebooting this host is disruptive to upstream testing and should be part of a planned pre-announced outage to the ceph-users and ceph-devel mailing lists.

Post-update Tasks

Sepia Lab Procedure

  1. Send a planned outage notice to sepia at lists dot
    1. Wait for there to be no jobs running. This can take up to 12 hours.
    2. If you don't want to wait:
      1. Ask Yuri if scheduled_teuthology runs can be killed
      2. Ask individual devs if their runs can be killed
  2. Kill idle workers
    sudo su - teuthworker
  3. Once there are no jobs running and no workers (teuthworker@teuthology:~$ bin/worker_count)
    1. Update packages on
    2. shutdown -r +5 "Rebooting during planned maintenance. SAVE YOUR WORK!"
    3. Update and reboot:
  4. Finally, update and reboot 2)

Sepia Lab Post Maintenance Tasks

  1. ssh $(whoami)@ (circle.front/GFW proxy)
  2. Log in to Cobbler
  3. console (Do you get a SOL session?)
  4. ssh
  5. Does load? Is it up to date?
  6. Log in to FOG 3)
  7. dig
  8. dig
  9. dig
  10. teuthology-lock --lock-many 1 -m ovh --os-type ubuntu --os-version 16.04 (Do you get a functioning OVH node? dig its hostname against vpn-pub and make sure nsupdate is working)
  11. teuthology-lock --lock-many 1 -m smithi --os-type rhel
    1. Run ceph-cm-ansible against that host and verify it subscribes to Satellite and can yum update
  12. Verify all the reverse proxies in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled on are accessible

Finally, once all post-maintenance tasks are complete,

sudo su - teuthworker
bin/worker_start smithi 25

Check how many running workers there should be in /home/teuthworker/bin/worker_start and start 1/4 of them at a time. If too many start at once, they can overwhelm the teuthology VM with ansible processes or overwhelm FOG with Deploy tasks.

Boilerplate Outage Notices


Hi All,

A scheduled maintenance of the CI Infrastructure is planned for YYYY-MM-DD at HH:MM UTC.

We will be updating and rebooting the following hosts:

This means:
  - Jenkins will be paused and stop processing new jobs so PR checks will be delayed
  - Once there are no jobs running, all hosts will be updated and rebooted
  - Repos on chacra nodes will be temporarily unavailable

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.


Sepia Lab

Hi All,

A scheduled maintenance of the Sepia Lab Infrastructure is planned for YYYY-MM-DD at HH:MM UTC.

We will be updating and rebooting the following hosts:

This means:
  - teuthology workers will be instructed to die and new jobs will not be started until the maintenance is complete
  - DNS may be temporarily unavailable
  - All aforementioned hosts will be temporarily unavailable for a brief time
  - Your VPN connection will need to be restarted

I will send a follow-up "all clear" e-mail as a reply to this one once the maintenance is complete.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

1) Can the host be restored/rebuilt with Ansible?
2) See emergency_rhev_web_ui_access_w_o_vpn for emergency backup plan
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