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General Lab Info (Mainly for Devs)


Lab Infrastructure Services

Misc Admin Tasks
These are infrequently completed tasks that don't fit under any specific service

Production Services

RHEV = Sepia RHE instance
Baremetal = Host in Sepia lab

The Attic/Legacy Info




We have 6 vossi machines. They are intended to be used as developer playgrounds since they have system resources far greater than the usual Developer laptop.

Installed OSes

Machine OS Use CentOS Developer Playground Ubuntu 18.04 Yuri's using this one CentOS dmick, yaarit, Junior, others RHEL 8.1 Developer Playground CephFS Team Fedora 31 Yehuda & Chris Hoffman Ubuntu 20.04 Developer Playground Core (RADOS) Team

Use Suggestions (for devs)

Here are some suggestions to maximize the use of the system resources these machines provide.

Scare off other devs :)

Create an MOTD that displays whenever anyone logs in:

vim /etc/motd



           This machine was promised to Joe Dev for exclusive use.

Check to
          see if there are any others available for exclusive use.

      Let dmick or akraitman know if you need a different OS installed.



Building Ceph on an SSD

If you want to build Ceph on an SSD (the main OS and /home are on a spinner), find an SSD that's not in use (sd{b..e}), then:

mkdir -p ~/src
sudo mkfs.xfs /dev/sde
sudo mount /dev/sde ~/src

Then clone ceph.git to ~/src and do your thing.

Hardware Specs

Count Manufacturer Model Capacity Notes
Chassis N/A Supermicro SYS-1029U-E1CRTP2 N/A
Mainboard N/A Supermicro X11DPU N/A
CPU 2 Intel Xeon(R) Silver 4216 CPU @ 2.10GHz N/A ARK
RAM 12 DIMMs Micron Technology 18ASF2G72PDZ-2G9E1 16GB 192GB total
HDD 1 Seagate ST1000NX0423 1TB
SSD 4 Micron Micron_5200_MTFDDAK1T9TDN 1.92 TB
NIC 2 Intel X710 10GbE
NIC 2 Intel I350 1Gb
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