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New Major Distro Release Procedure

This page will cover all the components of the Upstream testing process that need to be modified in order to start building packages for and testing new major Linux distribution versions.


    1. Add the distro to Cobbler
      1. You will likely need to provision a machine with Cobbler and tweak the packages that get installed in the kickstart
    2. Create the roles/testnode/vars/distro_majorversion.yml file
      1. You will also likely need to tweak the packages in this file as package names change or get deprecated
  1. teuthology
    1. Add to the distro map
  2. Prado only needs modifying if you're adding a new distro entirely
  3. Shaman
    1. Add the new distro to the appropriate codename maps here
    2. Redeploy
  4. Chacra
    1. Add a distro_codename tag to applicable node definitions in Chacra
    2. Also add it here
    3. Redeploy
  5. Mita
    1. If necessary, add the distro to
    2. Redeploy
  6. Jenkins Job Configs: See as an example. It is not all encompassing! I missed a few spots in that PR.
    1. Don't forget
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