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Lab Infrastructure Services

Misc Admin Tasks
These are infrequently completed tasks that don't fit under any specific service

Production Services

RHEV = Sepia RHE instance
Baremetal = Host in Sepia lab

The Attic/Legacy Info


limata{001..004} (RETIRED)

This hardware was retired on 30JAN2020 to make room for new gear.


These 4 systems are on (probably permanent) loan from AMD. Ask dgalloway or dmick for our contact at AMD.

limata002 and limata003 are being used as Jenkins build slaves. Do not access these hosts without checking first with Dan, Alfredo, and/or Andrew. If they get rebooted, ~jenkins-build/ has a script to restart the jenkins slave. /etc/systemd/system/jenkins.service should automatically restart the slave service.

They are ARM64 AMD Seattle Overdrive B1 (Production boards installed 11MAY2016) motherboards in generic 2U chassis with blu-ray drives.

The USB ports don't work. There are no headers on the board for the ports.

Currently, we're able to PXE boot and install CentOS 7. Ubuntu net installer images are lacking the necessary NIC driver (amd-xgbe) to complete a network install.


Name Use
limata001 gitbuilder-ceph-deb-xenial-aarch64-basic
limata002 Jenkins slave
limata003 Jenkins slave
limata004 ?

Hardware Specs

Count Manufacturer Model Capacity Notes
Chassis N/A Unmodel N/A
Mainboard N/A AMD Overdrive/Supercharger N/A
CPU 1 AMD Seattle N/A
RAM 2 DIMMs Hynix HMT41GR7BFR4A-PB 8GB 16GB total
HDD 1x Western Digital WD5000AAKX-75U6AA0 500GB
NIC 1 Intel 82574L Gigabit Network Connection 1Gb Used in favor of on-board AMD NIC
NIC 1 AMD ? 1Gb Requires amd-xgbe driver
BMC 1 American Megatrends Megarac?

Serial Access

These are accessible via conserver.

These are also accessible via their IPMI web interfaces. Login is admin/admin as of this writing.

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