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conserver is a centralized serial server that keeps a persistent serial session open and allows multiple users to access the same console at a time. See

The service is running on a VM in RHEV on It is configured to allow passwordless access to any IP on the network. (This includes VPN clients since they are routed through

Client access

Set Up

Fedora and Ubuntu have pre-built packages available. yum/apt-get install conserver-client

CentOS and RHEL users will need to install the epel repo. Then, yum install conserver-client --enablerepo=epel

MacOS users can use to install via: brew install conserver

After installing the client package, copy and paste the following into a terminal on your workstation.

cat <<EOF  > ~/.consolerc
config * {
   port 3109;

Controlling Serial Sessions

To access a serial console, run, for example, console smithi001

Conserver clients can control serial sessions using a combination of Ctrl+e c commands.

For Example: To take over write access of a console, enter Ctrl+e, then c, then f. Do not hold Ctrl!

Here's a list of the available commands:

[Enter `^Ec?' for help]
 .    disconnect                        ;    move to another console
 a    attach read/write                 b    send broadcast message
 c    toggle flow control               d    down a console
 e    change escape sequence            f    force attach read/write
 g    group info                        i    information dump
 L    toggle logging on/off             l?   break sequence list
 l0   send break per config file        l1-9 send specific break sequence
 m    display the message of the day    n    write a note to the logfile
 o    (re)open the tty and log file     p    playback the last 60 lines
 P    set number of playback lines      r    replay the last 20 lines
 R    set number of replay lines        s    spy mode (read only)
 u    show host status                  v    show version info
 w    who is on this console            x    show console baud info
 z    suspend the connection            |    attach local command
 ?    print this message                <cr> ignore/abort command
 ^R   replay the last line              \ooo send character by octal code
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