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nfs-ganesha builds and conventions

NFS Ganesha CI is hosted on Openshift and it is located here:

It is also built on the sepia lab's Jenkins server, and builds are located here:

Stable releases are located here:

Version Logic

Last updated 2023-08-24

The current release is ganesha 5.5.

There may be some obscure corner cases, but every recent version (going back to ganesha 3) of ganesha should work with any version of Ceph. Version 5.5 should work with pacific, quincy, reef, and beyond.

If you want to use the packages that ganesha builds, you can get packages from:

(If someone is so inclined, they can use Ganesha 4 by installing centos-release-ganesha4 or the nfs-ganesha-4 ppa instead.)

Ganesha releases happen periodically. Packages usually get built pretty quickly. If you use CentOS, Launchpad, or the Debian repo you'll get the latest build available.

Jenkins Job

Last updated 2023-09-06

This is the Jenkins job that builds nfs-ganesha:

If Ceph centos Shaman builds are failing due to something with nfs-ganesha, you'll want to check the nfs-ganesha Jenkins job to see if something is amiss.

Currently, the Jenkins job auto-builds nfs-ganesha V5.5, which is the latest stable build.

As of 2023-09-06, this is the yaml bit in the ceph-build repo that defines which branch to build:

    concurrent: true
      - string:
          name: NFS_GANESHA_BRANCH
          description: "The git branch (or tag) to build"
          default: "V5.5"

To manually schedule a build:

  1. Select “log in” in the upper right corner
  2. Select “Rebuild last” or “Build with Parameters” on the left panel, depending on which you need.
  3. “Rebuild last” rebuilds the last build using those parameters.
  4. “Build with parameters” gives you the option to change which branch is built, among other fields.
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