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General Lab Info (Mainly for Devs)


Lab Infrastructure Services

Misc Admin Tasks
These are infrequently completed tasks that don't fit under any specific service

Production Services

RHEV = Sepia RHE instance
Baremetal = Host in Sepia lab

The Attic/Legacy Info




We have 14 confusa systems donated by Ampere. They are ARM64 Jenkins builders in the upstream

Racking Ticket:

Hardware Specs

Count Manufacturer Model Capacity Notes
Chassis N/A Lenovo HR330A 7X33CTO1WW N/A
Mainboard N/A Lenovo FALCON N/A
CPU 1 Ampere eMAG® Processor ARMv8 @ 3000 MHz 32 cores total
RAM 8 DIMMs Samsung M393A2K43CB2-CTD 16GB 128GB total
SSD 1 Micron Micron_5200_MTFDDAK480TDC 480GB
NIC 1 ports Intel I210 1Gb Port 1 cabled as uplink
Infiniband 2 ports Mellanox 01GR252 25Gb Unused

Setting up as Jenkins agents

  1. Reimage using Cobbler
  2. Once the OS install is done,
    1. Run the ceph-cm-ansible users role
    2. Run ansible-playbook common.yml --tags vars,nagios,monitoring-scripts --limit confusa##

BMC/OOB Access

Please note that the ipmi password is a bit different here because of password rules in the BMC (note the trailing '!'):


“Console Redirection” option in the BMC Web GUI doesn't appear to work.

To use ipmi sol activate, you must first set the baud rate to 115.2k:

ipmi <host> sol set volatile-baud-rate 115.2

ipmi <host> sol set non-volatile-baud-rate 115.2

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