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paddles is a very simple JSON-based API used to report teuthology test results. See

The service runs on a baremetal host, from /home/ubuntu.


The 'paddles' db is backed up daily by the script on gitbuilder-archive.

Backups are located in gitbuilder-archive:/home/backup/

Admin Tasks

Starting/Restarting service

sudo supervisorctl stop|stop|restart paddles

Updating/Fixing Zombie Jobs

For jobs that indicate they're running but aren't, expire_jobs can be used.

The following example would expire any queued jobs 14 days old or older and any running jobs that haven't been updated in 30 minutes.

cd ~/paddles
source ~/.virtualenvs/paddles/bin/activate
pecan expire_jobs -q 14 -r 30

Adding testnodes to the inventory/DB

From your workstation,

cd ~/src/teuthology
source ./virtualenv/bin/activate

# Edit docs/_static/
# (paddles_url, machine_type, lab_domain, and machine_index_range)
# These can all be found in teuthology.yaml on a teuthology host

python docs/_static/
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