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FOG is in use in the Sepia lab. It enables us to reimage baremetal testnodes before every job.

Our instance is currently hosted at

Username: fog
Password: Standard root password


Adding a new distro

  1. Click Create New Image
  2. Set Image Name to MACHINETYPE_DISTRO_DISTROVERSION. (e.g., mira_centos_7.5)
  3. Set Image Path to the image's name (e.g., /images/mira_centos_7.5)
  4. Set Operating System to Linux (I'd hope)
  5. Click Add
  6. Repeat for each machine type!

Capturing OS images

This can be done manually by basically deciphering the bash monster in

  1. Choose which machine types and distros you want to capture images for
  2. Click Build
  3. Profit

If capturing any image fails, the job is configured to cancel the OS capture and will leave the testnodes locked so you can debug/investigate.

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