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This wiki contains notes on managing and using the “Sepia” lab of test machines used by the Ceph upstream developers.

The target audience for this documentation is administrators and people managing the Sepia machines. If all you need is information on using the lab, Start Here.


The Sepia lab is located in Red Hat's Community space in a datacenter co-location facility maintained by Peak10. The datacenter in which the Community space resides is commonly referred to as RDU2, RAL3C or The Community Cage.

Ping/Power support is provided by Red Hat's PnT DevOps Labs team. Generally, tickets should be submitted by the Infra team.

Sepia is the name we gave to our pool of test machines. It happens to be both a color and a genus of cuttlefish. When we have different kinds of hardware in the sepia pool, we name them after individual species in the sepia genus (e.g., mira or smithi).

A useful reference for such things is or Sepia_(genus)

A very simplified version of the automation/test workflow is:

github push -> jenkins ->        baremetal slave       -> shaman <-> chacra -> teuthology -> fog -> testnode -> paddles
                         |             OR              |
                          \ mita -> prado -> OVH slave /
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